The Adventure Begins

I started my board gaming obsession back in 1995 at the age of 13. I worked odd jobs to getmy first tabletop game, The Star Wars Collectable Card Game (CCG). I was obsessed with Star Wars and knowing that they released a card game, I could not only play but buy packs to collect my favorite characters. 


My friend and I worked jobs for our neighbors in pursuit of the perfect deck to show our favorite character was the best. Thus I learned at a young age what a board game addiction was (addicted to cardboard crack at 13). As I got older, I broke my board game habit. As well as moving from all my friends who I played with. I had moved on and a dusty deck box and a longing to play to recapture the joy of those games was all that remained.

I was growing up and got married. That part of my life was done. Until one day the bug bit me again hard. My wife and I were on vacation in a small coastal town in California and one of the stores was a board game store. We went in looked around and picked up 2 games. It was over. I was addicted again. Learning a certain actor from another space epic franchise was making board game youtube show only informed my addiction.

Today I still love board games and am sharing that love with my kids & friends, as well as trying to get my wife into the hobby. We play board games at home, host board game nights regularly and started this board game site. We are here to pursue and share a passion with others. Whether you're just getting started or seasoned addict, the Adventure continues and is better together!

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