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Super Moon Dice

Super Moon Dice

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Through each cycle and season, the moonlight is always captivating and powerful. We thought of these dice as you create your mystical and light bringing characters to life. 
They are iridescent soft blue & purple hues swirled resin dice set with clear and sparkle in-lay effects. Beautiful from every angle. Smooth to roll and can be read with ease. They are inked in gold and are 16 mm in size. 

As always it is our hope that these dice will once again fit seamlessly into your upcoming games and into your dice hoard. It makes game play simple, fun & fast.

Get these in time for your next game. Do not miss adding these dice to your games. Order your Super Moon Dice while we still have them in stock! 

-16 mm in size
-These dice are great for role-playing and are made of high-quality resin, both lightweight and durable.
-Easy rolling and feel great with a smooth finish.
-The numbers are large, making them easy to read.
-A single 7 polyhedrane dice set contains d20, d12, two d10 (00-90 and 0-9), d8, d6, and d4.
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