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Adventurer's Keep

Advanced Dice of the Month "First World Splendor" Dice and "Journeys Outside the Keep" newsletter

Advanced Dice of the Month "First World Splendor" Dice and "Journeys Outside the Keep" newsletter

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Get this Month's Advanced Dice "First World Splendor" Dice and Become A Member of Journeys Outside the Keep!

We’ll ship your First World Splendor Dice to you right away. Keep reading to discover how you can get these must have dice for your collection added to your order today when you Subscribe.

Every Single Month get specially curated Advanced Dice shipped right to your door without breaking the bank. Your hoard will be elevated and insane before you realize it, the envy of anyone you game with & even your non-gamer friends will wish they had them also!

We’ve already heard from so many role players where their game experience has been elevated because of these beautiful dice.

Which is exactly why we give away these types of gifts every month in Journeys Outside the Keep. We consider table top role play gaming (TTRPG) and a growing dice collection a necessity, if you do too, then this subscription is for you.

Journeys Outside the Keep: It is written by TTRPG lovers, for TTRPG lovers! We don’t sell ad space and we’re not sponsored. Which means we only share the absolute best advice and product recommendations that we personally use ourselves. Every tip and article is tested and proven, so you know that you’re reading the best, up to date information.

  • ​No Ads. Great Content Only: Because our magazine isn’t sponsored, you’ll never see an ad for a product. Which means everything we recommend, every article you read, every tip you act on, is 100% reliable and trustworthy. We’re not swayed by any media influence so you know you’re always getting the best advice.
  • 100% Tested And Proven: Our TTRPG content is a place to stay to keep up to date and find tips that hone your skills. Which means we only want the best advice for players of any experience level to benefit from right away. And that's why everything we recommend is tested! Don’t get your advice from an unqualified blog or YouTube video that could have been created by anyone. Journeys Outside the Keep is your trusted resource for all things TTRPG related. 
  • ​Dice of the Month: Everybody loves getting gifts in the mail! So to make your subscription to Journeys Outside the Keep an absolute no-brainer, we also send dice every month to our subscribers. These dice range in value from $32 to $49. The subscription cost covers the advanced level dice every month, your monthly newsletter and shipping costs plus gives you access to other special offers!
  • ​Actionable Tips In Every Issue: Unlike most magazines that simply entertain and educate. Journeys Outside the Keep will actually improve your life by giving you very clear action steps with every article. From ideas on how to improve the flow of your game play to making your worlds feel more immersive. Leaving you feeling more comfortable, confident and creative at your table, whether you’re a GM or a player, new or experienced. 
  • ​All Digital & Easy To Read: We’re big fans of the environment here at Journeys Outside the Keep, so we’ve decided to go paperless. Each month your issue will be delivered to you via e-mail. You’ll be able to read your newsletter on any device, whether you’re at home or on the go. 

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