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Hollow Dragon Dice

Hollow Dragon Dice

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Do not miss getting these Hollow Dragon Dice for your collection, the perfect Gamer accessory!

Every person we have shown them to, gamer or non-gamer has said they MUST have them!

These HIGH Quality Hollow Dragon Dice are durable with a good weight (lighter in your hand than you might think). 

You can use them for years. Playing with them, they are hard to damage yet easy to roll. 

No one will have dice like yours, perfect for your character (kobold, dragon-born, dragon disciple & dragonic blood) or your GM needs. But also you can just think they're the coolest dice that you must have. 

They are hard to find in your local stores.  A gaming accessory that you and your friends will talk about and want to share! 

Purchase as an original Gift for yourself, friends or family. Any gamer would be happy with these Hollow Dragon Dice.


-High quality copper
-Easy to use- travel & hard to damage
-Includes tin for travel/storage/showcasing
-Easy to roll (if not they are useless)
-Nice detail on every dice
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